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Starbloom Review Roundup

Hey everyone!

Now that 2013 is in full swing, we thought we’d take a look back on the past year. We had an important milestone for Shadegrown Games since we finished and shipped our first title Starbloom on iOS. We’ve been pretty pleased with the results, and so have many of you! We wanted to share some of those reviews and responses.

To start us off, Starbloom was Kotaku’s Gaming App of the Day on October 17th. Evan Narcisse said that the game “makes me feel like a Cosmic God”.  

Over at 148Apps, Denis Farr gave Starbloom a 4.5 out of 5 overall score, an Editor’s Choice, and said “the soundtrack created alone justifies the purchase of this app”!

Hanuman Welch, from Complex, says that our game “is set to some of the most laid back electro-hash that has ever pumped out of your iPhone speakers.” That one in particular makes Matthew smile.

In his column Pocket Treasures, Brendan Keogh gives a fairly in depth review of his experience playing Starbloom.  After his technical review, Brendan gets a review of the experience itself and said “Starbloom is relaxing and, in an entirely positive sense, mindless. It wants you to simply swirl around its celestial bodies, getting lost in the noises of its universe.” Sounds like a good time to us for sure.

Mike Schramm at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) said “the graphics and design, along with that really amazing soundtrack, make this a musical experience that you probably shouldn’t miss”!

In a Featured Post on FinalCheckpoint, Chris Bowden rates Starbloom at a 8.5 out of 10 and says “Starbloom’s graphics and textures are beautiful and really make you feel like you’re drifting through space. But what seems to really be holding this game together is the music. The music is just plain amazing.

Finally, Jessecox gives us a shout out on TGS Podcast #37 and says “I kind of love it!”  Check it out here.

Thanks to everyone who played Starbloom! We know it’s a little off the beaten path, but it’s been truly heartening to see so many people “get” what we’re trying to do. Best of all, this is only the start. In the coming year, we’ve got more updates for Starbloom in store as well as some information on other things we are currently working on. Keep your eyes and hearts open for more!

-The Shadegrown Games Team