What is Planck?

Planck is a new type of music game that’s not predicated on your skill at shooter mechanics or timed button presses. Instead, Planck allows you to explore brand new compositions in an interactive format.

In the strange Planck universe, everything is made up of small particles known as “motes.” Each mote is contains a unique signature vibration– its wave form.


The wave form of each mote can be released by collapsing its wave function, otherwise known as “pinging” it. By pinging many motes in succession, you can create repeating structures of sounds.

As you choose to release certain types of waveforms, the space around you responds to your actions, sending you new sounds to add to your musical performance that relate to the direction you’ve chosen!

After a long journey through the vast reaches of space, you find yourself in the Planck universe - a place previously thought to be only a myth. Ping the motes you see around you to unlock their waveforms and explore this new world!

When’s it coming out, and for what platforms?

Over the past year, our focus has been on creating a unique new way to fuse music and gameplay together, and we didn’t spend much time thinking about business models and dealmaking. That’s a long way of saying “we don’t quite know yet.”

There are many possible ways we could release this game, and we’re trying to evaluate them all as best we can. Hopefully, we will have something exciting to announce soon.